"Quality you can build on."          
Profex, Inc. performs any of the listed services within a contractual relationship that is appropriate for the specific client and project. Starting from the least complex role, and ending with the most complex, we may act as:
Profex is not only a management company. Our crews perform earthmoving and structural carpentry/roofing/steel. Profex crews and equipment are second to none, and are in demand for projects in our region. For projects elsewhere, we send crews and may hire equipment locally.
General Contractor (GC)
As GC we come in on a project that has already been designed. Pre-construction services are conducted prior to project start. We self-perform appropriate parts of the work and subcontract the rest. We work very closely with owner, architect/engineer, and property manager (if appropriate) to ensure that the project is built to specifications, to schedule and to budget.
Construction Manager
The same as General Contractor except that in this case our own crews would not be doing the work, all of which would be subcontracted.
Here we would start out taking a clearly defined role, perhaps as GC or Construction Manager, but in partnership from the start with another firm, whether an Architectural/Engineering (A/E) firm or a construction specialist (e.g. in a particular steel building system) or equipment specialist (e.g. in a laboratory or manufacturing facility).
Design/Build is an increasingly popular option, because 1) the Owner has only one interface for the entire process, 2) the process can move more speedily and 3) project costs are identified at an early stage and budgetary concerns can be addressed in the preliminary design. Profex typically subcontracts the design process to an A/E firm with whom we have worked closely in the past, and for whose work we become fully responsible.
Project Manager
This is Design/Build with additional responsibilities for the entire project, from initial conception to move-in. Could include involvement in purchase of land or in relationships with other involved organizations from government to local community at the front end, through to managing the actual move of employees into the building at the other end.